Apple purging sexual content from App store

Over the last few weeks, Apple have been reviewing and more recently removing applications with overtly sexual content. The well known application iBoobs was removed from the App store. It has been downloaded many times by many people and made $260,000 in it’s time on the App store! The owners of the application were e-mailed about the removal of their application from the App store and Apple told them that the app was removed because of numerous complaints from other users. However it is a point to notice that the application itself comes with no sexual content, users are required to add their own content to the application in order to get it to work.

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No Breasts here!

It’s not only the one app developer that has been hit, another developer has also had a book removed from the App store named Invisible Girl, but the developer also pointed out that the book contains no sexual or inappropriate content.

Apple have been considering this move for a few weeks now. We are seeing more and more adult based apps being removed from the App store. Be it from user complaints or Apple’s own investigations. It may be doing damage to some developers who have invested time in these applications, since we already know the adult business is a very big one! Keeping that in mind most of the applications that are being remvoved from the App store are not as explicit as you might imagine; they are more like applications made for a little bit of fun and mischief.

Most of the applications with adult based content are being removed from Apple’s database slowly but surely. In a recent statement Phil Schiller (Apple’s head of worldwide marketing) aknowledged that content is being removed from the App store but also said that Apple have received a number of complaints from women who say that the content is degrading on some sexual apps. Parents have also complained about the fact that their kids have access to these applications with a couple of clicks from the mouse and are not happy with the content that is obtainable. This seems ironic, given that most iPhone users are somewhat tech savvy, and with minimal effort could find a plethora of explicit content with the iPhone’s inbuilt internet browser.


Safari: the next 'Adult content' app to go?

When questioned about the effect on developers, he did say quote that “[Apple] obviously care about developers, but in the end have to put the needs of the kids and parents first”. Information also suggests that the iPad’s potential use in schools, with children and families may also mean that there has to be a crackdown on adult content.

This content filtering has already removed many adult based applications from the App store, however it has also removed many games etc. that have no adult material, say the developers. The rumours about content removal started floating around last week. And Apple have been removing content slowly but surely at a steady rate. Statistics from show that on average Apple remove 100 applications per day. But on 17th Feb this number shot up to over 900 applications! If that wasn’t drastic on 18th Feb nearly 4000 applications were removed from the App store!

A little note, Playboy still seem to have their application available. Perhaps this means that an adult category will be introduced?

3 Responses to Apple purging sexual content from App store

  • Glad they are doing it!

  • tayaub says:

    Perhaps… you have to bear in mind the app store has millions of applications. Apple aren’t blocking them due to any agenda of their own. They are receiving complaints about the content that is available on the app-store, you would expect any good company to take notice of complaints being received. However I did hear that they would be adding an adult category to the app store. Perhaps this will fix the problem.

  • Jamie says:

    Quite a shame really, kind of proves the disadvantages of a model where your phone manufacturer can decide what and what can’t go on your phone. I think this will just encourage more users to Jailbreak their iPhone…

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