Transfer iPhone contacts with Swip Swap Contacts 3.0

Anybody remember the iPhone 2G on the first day it was launched? Yes that’s right either you don’t remember a thing, or you remember just how simple the iPhone was. There was no app store and a VERY basic OS. One of the major niggles on my first day as an iPhone user was the fact that I could not move my contacts from my SIM card to my phone! A while later when everybody else had got an iPhone and I realised we couldn’t move contacts from iPhone to iPhone!

Ah the good old days! However as time has progressed so has the iPhone, with many applications now available to sync contacts with other users. Now we have a new one.

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Meebo on iPhone

Meebo is a service that allows you to connect to multiple social networking and messaging accounts at once. This means you can browse FaceBook, twit away on twitter and also chat to people on AIM/MSN/Yahoo etc.

The people at Meebo have now released an app for iPhone users, tagged as “the one app to rule them all”,  there are some very nice features integrated into Meebo. First and foremost is the support for many services, support for Landscape Mode and the application not only records your chat history but lets you search through it at any time!

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Apple purging sexual content from App store

Over the last few weeks, Apple have been reviewing and more recently removing applications with overtly sexual content. The well known application iBoobs was removed from the App store. It has been downloaded many times by many people and made $260,000 in it’s time on the App store! The owners of the application were e-mailed about the removal of their application from the App store and Apple told them that the app was removed because of numerous complaints from other users. However it is a point to notice that the application itself comes with no sexual content, users are required to add their own content to the application in order to get it to work.

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Opera mini for iPhone

Opera the popular browser for computers and mobile devices have announced that they will be releasing a version of their browser for the iPhone. The application was demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress and testers claim that it is up to 5x faster than the Apples stock browser Safari.

Just like previous versions of Opera for mobile devices all web pages are routed through Opera servers and adjusted for mobile browsing, not only does this make your browsing experience on your mobile device FAST, it also spares your internet usage allowance due to the web content already having been made mobile friendly.

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There is not a soul in the gaming world that hasn’t heard of Rockstar Games. The people, who gave us the absolutely massive Grand Theft Auto series, have now turned mobile! The game is called Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Not only does Apple’s little device support a plethora of applications: Satellite Navigation, Fitness and Office Tools to name a few. For £5.99 you can now play Grand Theft Auto on it! All from the comfort of your phone. No court cases and an unlimited set of lives, so what are you waiting for? Get the guns out and have some fun.

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Possible Images of 4th Generation iPhone?

An iPhone repair company by the name of iResQ has released some photographs of a faceplate, which they claim is for the fourth generation iPhone! Noticeable differences are an increase in the length of the faceplate by 1\4 inch and a reflective surface just above the speaker.

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Google Voice Web-App for iPhone

Google have released a browser based web app for the iPhone, they previously submitted an application to the Apple Store which was unsuccessful. The web app can only be accessed by the iPhone’s web browser. Google received no news when discussing a native application for the iPhone, Apple say they were just reviewing the application for the app store, but Google say they were turned down.

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Where is OS 4.0?

As many of you already know, most of the iPhone community has been waiting on Apple to release OS 4.0 for the iPhone. This upgrade to the iPhone operating system promised us many more tweaks and performance improvements. As far as rumours go we thought it would have been announced at the Media event yesterday in San Francisco.

However it looks like Mr Jobs (Steve Jobs – Apple’s CEO) had a completely different surprise in store for everyone! Yes that’s right the iPad, a bigger faster iPhone without the phone part! Apple’s very own tablet, fully touch screen and from what I’ve seen so far absolutely gorgeous. But let’s save the dirty details on that for a separate post.

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