Couple find out they have won £3.5m using Lotto iPhone app

A COUPLE found out they had won £3.5million on the lottery after checking their numbers on an iPhone.

Chris Bowers, 61, was getting ready for bed with wife Sue when he logged on to an app on the phone to see if they were lucky.

The gadget lover spotted a green tick next to their numbers on the screen – revealing they had won a £3,497,114 share of a Lotto rollover jackpot.

Chris, who only bought the phone last week, said: “We just put it on search on the iPhone and it came up with six little red dots and a green tick. I was shaking. I said to Sue ‘I think we’ve won’. We cuddled each other and sat there grinning.

“The man from Camelot said, ‘You’re now a multimillionaire’, which is quite mind-blowing. We didn’t quite believe it until the money was in the bank.”

After the numbers came up, Chris, a forklift truck driver for 46 years, told his boss he was quitting. Sue, 60, had already retired from her job as an administrator 10 weeks ago.

The couple now plan to buy a bigger home to accommodate Chris’s 92-year-old dad and then go travelling. Chris said: “I’d love to have a larger house so my father can move in with us – he can have his own space but we can also be there to help him.

“Sue would love a bigger garden. I’ll be glad to retire and take it easy. We plan to travel in our motorhome.”

Sue added: “I might tag him so I know where he is all the time and what he’s spending.”

The Bowers bought the Lucky Dip ticket at Sainsbury’s near their home in Wellingborough, Northants, on Saturday.

Their winning numbers were 10, 18, 34, 35, 39 and 48.

Source: Mirror



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