It’s the 1st of July, But the Buy Buttons Remain. Has Apple Changed its Mind?

It’s the 1st July, But the Buy Buttons Remain. Has Apple Changed its Mind?Yesterday, the 30th June, was supposed to be the deadline for applications selling content to have removed any links to an online store, for example the vast majority of eBook apps would have to either convert all their books to in-app purchases, or get rid of the store completely.

At first, things were looking much worse, but recently Apple did change their approach slightly when they adjusted one of their App Store Guidelines.  Instead of requiring all products sold in-app to be offered for sale via the App Store, at the same price or lower, this was relaxed to enable apps to read and display content purchased outside of Apple’s eco-system, but not feature a ‘buy button’ or external link.

No mention of the June 30th deadline was made, but rules are rules and they still have to be enforced.

So here we are on the 1st July, and which of the big names has updated or removed their app today?  Kindle’s still there, Kobo’s still there and so’s Zinio; and none of them have had an update changing anything close to Apple’s new rule.  In fact, buying a new magazine via Zinio proves nothing has happened yet, as I’m taken to their website to finalize my order.

What happens now?  Apple’s not likely to have forgotten about their rule, and it’s unlikely the stores have either, so is it just a waiting game until apps are removed due to rule violations?  It’ll be fascinating to see who blinks first.

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