Transfer iPhone contacts with Swip Swap Contacts 3.0

Anybody remember the iPhone 2G on the first day it was launched? Yes that’s right either you don’t remember a thing, or you remember just how simple the iPhone was. There was no app store and a VERY basic OS. One of the major niggles on my first day as an iPhone user was the fact that I could not move my contacts from my SIM card to my phone! A while later when everybody else had got an iPhone and I realised we couldn’t move contacts from iPhone to iPhone!

Ah the good old days! However as time has progressed so has the iPhone, with many applications now available to sync contacts with other users. Now we have a new one.

The application called Swip allows you to swap contacts between iPhones AND other devices. It was created to be a simple yet efficient way of transferring contact information from your device. All this can be done through Bluetooth, Wifi or even using email and the vCard format. The application gives you a lot more control over what you send.  It uses WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, so you can see exactly what information you are sending.

Swip also has a lovely meeting feature, enabling users to send information to many devices instead of one at a time. The interface is spot on allowing you to navigate select and send contacts with ease. It reduces time and is a vital application for anyone who needs to swap contacts regularly. For privacy nuts there is an option to PIN protect the data you are sending, so users without the PIN can’t receive the information.

Swapping can be time and location stamped but this is to the users discretion, when enabled it will add the information to the swap. Just as the iPhone does when taking a picture and attaching a time and location stamp on the picture. This allows you to build up a map of where swaps have taken place and at what times.

It isn’t just for phones! Swip even allows you to transfer information to programs like Microsoft Outlook using your vCard formatted contacts, when used on the iPhone with OS 3.0 or above it also allows you to send multiple contacts and view them before sending them. Editing or removing any information that you do not wish to send.

Private registration on the website will also allow you to login, track and analyse all the swapping you have been doing. Not to mention that the application is also compatible with some social networking sites. It has the ability to send tweets and post the contact information on sites such as Twitter, FriendFeed and Shizzow.

All this rolled into one neat easy to use and very efficient application. Swapping contact details has always been a bit dreary on the iPhone. The Bump app was a nice way of doing things but really lacked the funtionality that Swip comes with. And best of all it’s FREE!

Check it out on iTunes SwipSwap

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