Where is OS 4.0?

As many of you already know, most of the iPhone community has been waiting on Apple to release OS 4.0 for the iPhone. This upgrade to the iPhone operating system promised us many more tweaks and performance improvements. As far as rumours go we thought it would have been announced at the Media event yesterday in San Francisco.

However it looks like Mr Jobs (Steve Jobs – Apple’s CEO) had a completely different surprise in store for everyone! Yes that’s right the iPad, a bigger faster iPhone without the phone part! Apple’s very own tablet, fully touch screen and from what I’ve seen so far absolutely gorgeous. But let’s save the dirty details on that for a separate post.


iDelay OS 4.0?

As sleek, sexy and fashionable as the iPad looks, we still haven’t forgotten about OS 4.0 and the improvements we were all looking forward to, here is a list of what many have speculated is to come in the software update:

1. Multitasking – By far the most important for most of us. Enabling the phone to run more than one application at a time, has made modern computing what it is. I can remember getting my 1st generation iPhone and instantly reading thousands of reviews online asking for multitasking.

An obvious example of this process is quitting any game on the iPhone, the option to resume is there however the application in question needs to be restarted. At the moment applications try to mutitask through push notifications. Multitasking will enable the user to switch from one active application to another one whilst in the meantime keeping the first application active.

Many users have been screaming for this option over the successful years the iPhone has had. But is it a feature that should have been there long ago? Hmmm anybody remember Copy and Paste? How long did that take!

2. Multi-touch gestures OS-Wide – One of the things that enabled the iPhone to absolutely destroy its competition was its multi-touch capabilities. A good example would be one of the many guitar apps available via the Apple Store, allowing the reproduction of notes but also the ability to play 5 strings at one time.
Apple are now moving to incorporate these kinds of functions into the Operating System. Another already implemented version is the ability to zoom in and out of images using two fingers. After yesterdays iPad “birth” it looks like this is something that we will definitely be getting.

3. Graphical and UI changes – A little clean up around the home area intended to make navigating around your phone easier and more effective. Probably nothing massive, small tweaks here and there perhaps a little change to the layout of some the screens. Nothing to write home about.

4. Syncing – Very little information regarding this, but apparently there will be a new way to sync the contacts and calendar applications. Let’s hope it means saving contacts and transferring the information between phone and computer is finally easier, instead of having to back up the whole phone every time it is connected.

5. Updates only for 3G & 3GS – Ouch! Sorry iPhone 2G owners, the updates are supposedly only coming to the faster newer models. Perhaps because the old iPhone doesn’t have the figures to be able to multi-task efficiently, when compared to it’s faster brothers. Knowing Apple, this is probably true as most of the 2G owners missed out on the MMS addition. Which can still be switched on if you have a sneaky Jailbroken iPhone 2G and Cydia.

All in all it’s been an interesting week, the iPad has been released (can’t wait to get my hands on one). But so far no mention of the updates that we have all been waiting for!

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